Forfatter Emne: Family of Kai Wilhem Christiansen @ Mary Madsen  (Læst 1107 gange)

Riemke Christie

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Family of Kai Wilhem Christiansen @ Mary Madsen
« Dato: 18 Feb 2015 - 04:44 »
I hope that someone may be able to assist.  I am hoping to be able to find, still living, relatives of the above couple.  Kai Wilhelm (DOB 4/2/1901 Odense - Fangel opslag 26/1) who we believe, was the uncle of my husband.  We have found the they had 3 children:- Erling Lief (DOB 27/5/1923 Odense Sct Knuds 1920-1923, opslag 137) Ruth Henny (DOB 5/8/1924 Sct Knuds 1923-1928, opslag 188) and Elmar Flemming (DOB 16/10/1925 Sct Knuds 1923-1928, opslag 79).

Erling married Inger Margrethe Jorgensen 7/5/1948 Odense Odense 1851 - 1961.  So far I have found no children.

Ruth married Karl Borge Hansen 9/4/1946 Odense Odense.  They had 2 sons, Flemming (DOB 11/3/1947 Sct Knuds 1947- 1948, opslag 7 (81)).  Also, Bjarne (DOB 3/8/1950 Sct Knuds 1949-1951, opslag 90 (244).

Elmar married Margit Nissen 22/10/1947 Odense Odense.  They have 2 daughters Connie (DOB 28/8/1948 Sct Knuds 1948-1949, opslag 202 (302) and Inge-Lise (DOB 20/2/1951 Sct Knuds 1949-1951, opslag 312 (65).

We feel that at least some of these people would still be alive today.  The reason for our wishing to contact is so that we can, hopefully, fill in many of the missing pieces regarding what happened to the family and also to let them know about the life of Viggo Marinus (Carl Victor) (brother of Kai) Christiansen who travelled to Australia as a young person and lost all contact with his family. 

We would love to have some family photos too, if possible.  So far we have some information about  Vera Viola, sister of Kai, and her family. 

Any assistance very much welcome and appreciated.  Riemke

Hans Christian Andersen

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Sv: Family of Kai Wilhem Christiansen @ Mary Madsen
« Svar #1 Dato: 10 Feb 2019 - 13:10 »
Dear Riemke Christie,

I am currently working with the family in question and may be able to supply you with some informations - please contact me.


Hans Christian Andersen
Odense - Denmark