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Geoff Pain:
I am using Google translations to ask for help at the Danish language forum called "AneEfterlysning" but there is a chance that English language readers are not looking there. I have searched the old Dis-Forum entries.
My 6x grandfather was Jakob (Jacob) Kruse, probably born before 1680. His siblings included Schack and Holst Kruse, for whom I have no information as well as Ulrik Adolf, Anne Mette Helvig, possibly a Helvig, Hans and Margrethe.
Jakob married twice, first to Sophie Pedersdatter Stavning (Stauning) with children Stine (Christine Sophie), Sophie Dorthe, Ulrik Adolf Jakobsen, and possibly another Kirstine.
The second marriage to Elisabeth (Lisbeth) Lauridsdatter Bang produced Maren, Eleonora and Hans Jakobsen Kruse.
Jakob Kruse was described as a "renter" at Møgelkjaer and then purchased an estate called Hvolgaard.
He might have seen military service and he was obviously quite wealthy donating a chandelier to Langskov church. His family also donated a churchbook there.
I am also descended from the "noble" Kruse lines as follows:

Christoffer Kruse (1480 - 1543)
Peder Kruse (1510 - 1562) Son of Christoffer
Laurids Kruse (1533 - 1597) Son of Peder
Kirsten Lauridsdatter Kruse (15?? - 1619) Daughter of Laurids
Christen Vind (1504 - 1582) Husband of Kirsten Lauridsdatter
Henrik Vind (1470 - 1550) Father of Christen
Birgitte Henriksdatter Vind (1508 - 1550) Daughter of Henrik
Henrik Ravn (1545 - 1624) Son of Birgitte Henriksdatter
Peder Henriksen Ravn Rafn (1575 - 1655) Son of Henrik
Henrik Pedersen Ravn Rafn (1612 - 1659) Son of Peder Henriksen
Johan Henriksen Ravn Rafn (1644 - 1699) Son of Henrik Pedersen
Hans Ravn (1689 - 1745) Son of Johan Henriksen
Maren Ravn (1733 - 1813) Daughter of Hans
Hans Peter Nissen Nisson (1757 - 1795) Son of Maren
Anna Petrine Nissen Nisson (1790 - 1856) Daughter of Hans Peter
Caroline Christiane Zyzette Kruse (1822 - 1912) Daughter of Anna Petrine and Christoffer Winding Kruse
Erik Peter Bernstorff Thomsen (1860 - 1917) Son of Caroline Christiane Zyzette Kruse
Margreta Zyzette Thomson (1899 - 1993) Daughter of Erik Peter Bernstorff
Jack Mostyn Pain (1927 - ) Son of Margreta Zyzette
Geoff Pain

It seems likely that Jakob Kruse born around 1570 (no dates in Adels Aarbog), the fourth son of Tyge Christoffersen Kruse til Vingegaard and Birgitte Lauridsdatter Munk, is related and grandfather or great uncle of Jakob my 6x grandfather.
Any new leads much appreciated.

Laila Olsen:
Hi Geoff,

I think you should take a looke at Stephen Kelseys homepage
and take a look at the children of  No. 37 Hans Hansen Krusen and his souse in first marriage Henrica Birgitte Flindt.

Yoy will here find the children:

Hans Vilhelm Henrich Flindt Kruse
Henrich Thor Flindt Kruse
Jacobine Hansdatter Kruse
Anders Adam Vinding Kruse
Christoffer Vinding Kruse
Ulrich Adolph Kruse

If this is what you are looking for, I can furnish you with som information re. Merckel and Flindt.

Geoff Pain:
Thanks, I am working together with Steve Kelsey and would appreciate more information on Merckel and Flindt. I have a tree at Ancestry. Best wishes

Laila Olsen:
Hi Geoff,

Will send you a mail re. Flindt and Merckel - but not until tomorrow - due other urgent matters.


Geoff Pain:
Tak Laila,
Håber alt er godt. Jeg fandt dine tidligere bidrag Flindt og Merckel på de gamle DIS Forum. Jeg ville være taknemmelig for flere oplysninger du har opdaget siden 2007


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