Forfatter Emne: My relative born in Tikob  (Læst 2637 gange)

Patricia Goldsmith

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My relative born in Tikob
« Dato: 23 Dec 2010 - 19:44 »
Hi my name is patricia, and I am trying to find where my relative, Ole Henrick Larsen
is buried. He was born in Tikob in 1837 to Lars Olsen and Enger Pedersdatter. Ole
died in 1845/46 at 8yrs of age, and I believe the funeral was at St. Mary's church in
Helsingor. His younger brother Hans Larsen came to the USA in the late 1850's. I am planing
my first trip to Denmark in Sept 2011, and would love more than anything to find my
relatives graves. Also how would one go about trying to find any living relatives related
to Lars Olsen and Enger Pedersdatter, I believe her father was Peder Bentsen, and Lars
Olsen's father was Ole Jorgensen. Thank you for taking the time to read this , any help
would mean so much to me.  Patricia Larsen Goldsmith

Martin Bjarklev

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Sv: My relative born in Tikob
« Svar #1 Dato: 23 Dec 2010 - 21:45 »
Hi Patricia,

I think this is the family in the 1845 Census:

Census 1845
Frederiksborg county, Lynge-Kronborg district, Helsingør, Nr. 280 og 281 Bjergegaden,
Name:                Age:     Marrit.stat:   Occupation:   Birth place:
Lars Olsen,   40    Married      Worker                Pårup.
Inger Bentzen   30    Married       His wife                Græsted.
Ole Hendrik Olsen   7    Unmarried   Their child   Tikøb.
Hans Olsen   6    Unmarried   Their child   Tikøb.
Anders F. Kasted   2    Unmarried   Foster care   Tikøb.

Kind regards,

Paul Londahl-Smidt

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Sv: My relative born in Tikob
« Svar #2 Dato: 23 Dec 2010 - 22:09 »
Here is the family in the 1840 census
All persons in the household

Frederiksborg, Lynge-Kronborg, Tikøb, Gurre Bye, , Et Huus, 35, FT-1840
Name:    Age:    Marital status:    Occupation in household:    Occupation:    Birth place:
Lars Olsen   36    Gift      Huusmand og Dagleier   
Inger Pedersdatter   27    Gift      hans Kone   
Ole Hendrik Larsen   3    Ugift      Deres Børn   
Hans Larsen   1    Ugift      Deres Børn


Lissa Pedersen

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Sv: My relative born in Tikob
« Svar #3 Dato: 24 Dec 2010 - 11:42 »
Hi Patricia,

According to

Ole Henrik Larsen (or Olsen) was born 15 Aug 1837 and bapt. 3 Oct 1837 in Tikøb parish - opslag 4 - born to Lars Olsen and Inger Pedersdatter.

Ole died 17 May 1846 and was burried 22 May in Helsingør Skt. Mariæ parish - opslag 20.

Hans Larsen was born 28 Sep 1839 and bapt. 8 Dec 1839 in Tikøb parish - opslag 9.

You should not expect to see the graves of your family members, since in Denmark the graves are not kept forever. Normally one pays for a number of years, and if you don't pay any longer, the gravesite will be used for other burials.

Did Ole and Hans have other siblings?

According to this site: - Lars Olsen = Lars Olsen Fjellingstrup. Ole Henrik died of breast disease.


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