Forfatter Emne: Birth and Baptism records  (Læst 1708 gange)

Michelle Bie

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Birth and Baptism records
« Dato: 29 Okt 2012 - 05:24 »
Will some please translate the following two birth/baptism records for me.

1841-1858 Hjørring/Vennebjerg/Harridslev sogn opslag 25 #1
1841-1862 Hjørring/Vennebjerg/Vennebjerg sogn opslag 35 #18

While I would like to know what the entire entry says, I at least hope to learn more about the parents and who was at the baptism.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Helmer Christiansen

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Sv: Birth and Baptism records
« Svar #1 Dato: 29 Okt 2012 - 09:00 »
1841-1858, Harritslev, Vennebjerg, Hjørring, opslag 25

født den 22de

Ane Marie Ander-

døbt den
10 Februar
døbt i Kirken
Mai 1851

Hmd Anders Jensen
og Hustru Chri-
stine Jensdatter
af S: Harritslev
Sogn. Moderen 35 Aar.

Pigen Maren Marie Andersen af Harritslev Sogn
Pigen Mariane Pedersdatter - ibd - [af Harritslev Sogn]
Inds: Mads Jacobsen - ibd - [af Harritslev Sogn]
Ungkarl Jens Peter Jespersen af Seilstrupgaard.
Ungkarl Svenning Nielsen - ibd - [af Seilstrupgaard]

Fol. Nr

Konen introduceret
Søndagen Septuage-
sima, den 16 Febr:
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

born the 22th of


Baptised at home
February 10th
In the church
May 25th 1851

Cottager AJ
and wife CJ
of Sønder Harritslev
Parish. Mother 35 years old

maid MMA of Harritslev Parish
maid MP same place [Harritslev Parish]
renter MJ same place [Harritslev Parish]
bachelor JPJ of Sejlstrupgård
bachelor SN same place [Sejlstrupgård]

wife introduced
Septuagesima Sunday
16th February 1851

= = = = = = = =
1841-1861, Vennebjerg, Vennebjerg, Hjørring, opslag 35


26de Novbr 1851.

Jens Peter Andersen

døbt i Kirken 28de
December 1851.

Indsidder Anders Peter
Jensen, Ungkarl i Nørre
Harritslev er udlagt som
Barnefader. Moderen er
ugift Kirsten Marie
Jensdatter ligeledes i Nørre
Harritslev. Hun opholdt sig
10 Maaneder før Nedkom-
sten i Taars, er 26 Aar

Gaardmand Niels Mortensens Kone,
Johanne Kirstine Thomasdatter og Pigen
Elisabeth Jensdatter. Gaardmand Niels
Mortensen, alle her i Haugaard.
Gaardmand Jens Peter Peder-
sen i Nørre Harritslev og Ung-
karl Niels Christian Thomsen i
Sønder Harritslev


Den 31te December
1851 er Barnets
Fødsel og Daaben
meddelt til Præsten
i Taars.

_ _ _ _ _ _

[born] November 26th 1851


baptised in the church
December 28th 1851.

Renter APJ, bachelor in Nørre
Harritslev is the alleged father.
The mother is unmarried KMJ also
in Nørre Harritslev. 10 months before
delivery she stayed in Tårs [parish]

Farmer NM's wife,
JKT and maid
EJ, Farmer NM,
alle here in Haugaard.
Farmer JPP
in Nørre Harritslev and
bachelor NCT in Sønder

On 31 December 1851
the priest of Tårs is
informed of the child's
birth and baptism.
Helmer Christiansen
2000 F

Michelle Bie

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Sv: Birth and Baptism records
« Svar #2 Dato: 30 Okt 2012 - 04:27 »
Thank you Helmer.

Can you answer a question, why would the priest of Tårs be informed of the child's birth and baptism? The concept of churchbook records of all births is foreign to us in the US, where the govenment records births, marriages and deaths. Only baptisms, confirmations and marriages in the church are church records here.

Again thank you. This created a few new questions about Jens Peter's parents for me to think about. Will definitely make it harder to locate more about them. Hopefully, I can learn more about them and Ane Marie's parents as well. I know very little about this side of my family.

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Helmer Christiansen

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Sv: Birth and Baptism records
« Svar #3 Dato: 01 Nov 2012 - 15:15 »
As each parish had to provide for its own poor, it was important to determine to which parish a pauper belonged.

In regard to illegitimate children the place where the mother resided or were in service ten months before birth was to be considered as the child's birth home.

When in accordance with this rules a child must be considered to have its birth home in a different place than where it really is born, the priest at the latter place must immediately make notification to the priest in the first place, and the adequate record of the child's birth and home made ​​in both church books. (Section 5 of the Regulation of 24 January 1844, containing details of the rules governing the acquisition of the right to poor relief in a municipality.)

On 17 May 1646 was issued a royal letter from king Christian IV to the country's bishops in which priests were required to register all births, marriages and deaths and other religious ceremonies in their parish in a church book. These provisions were repeated in the Danish Law of 1683 and in principle still applies. So priests in the Danish Evangelical Lutheran church also serve as government officials with regard to the registration of births, marriages and deaths.

Section 4 in The Danish Constitution establishes that the Evangelical Lutheran Church is "the people's church" (folkekirken), and as such is supported by the state. (Freedom of religion is granted in section 67, and official discrimination based on faith is forbidden in section 70.)

80% of the population in Denmark are members of the Danish National Church and pays on average 0.89% of their income in tax to the local parish.
Helmer Christiansen
2000 F

Michelle Bie

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Sv: Birth and Baptism records
« Svar #4 Dato: 02 Nov 2012 - 07:15 »
Thank you for the explanation, Helmer. It explains the place of residence 10 months before delivery. I have seen it for the ancestors of others in this forum and wondered what the importance was. When it pertained to one of my ancestors, I had to ask.

I will save this information in my genealogy file for future reference.

Would I be able to find Jens Peter Andersen in the church book forTårs also? Would it contain the same information as the church book in Vennebjerg or could it contain additional information?

Lissa Pedersen

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Sv: Birth and Baptism records
« Svar #5 Dato: 02 Nov 2012 - 11:05 »
Hi Michelle,

Cannot find an entry for Jens Peter Andersen's birth in Taars, but I found his confirmation in Vennebjerg parish (1862-1891), opslag 11, #5.

It says that his parents are: Farmer and xxx Anders Peter Jensen and Wife Kirsten Marie Jensdatter, Havgaards Mark.

So the parents must have married.

Don't know whether you have them in 1880:

hjoerring, Vennebjerg, Vennebjerg, Nørre Harritslev by i Venneberg sogn, Et hus, 11, FT-1880, C2711
Navn: Alder: Civilstand: Stilling i husstanden: Erhverv: Fødested:
Anders Peter Jensen 54  Gift Husfader og huseier,dreier  Vennebjerg
Kirsten Marie Jensen 55  Gift Hans hustru  Mygdal
Maren Elisabet Andersen 13  Ugift Deres barn  Vennebjerg
Jens Peter Jakobsen Under 1 aar  Ugift Deres plejebarn  Rubjerg

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