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The Kattesundet saga continues....


David Møller:
I'm now looking for Kattesundet 112 in:

Folketaelling/1860/Kobenhavn/Kvarter - Alle/ but now stuck at "Matrikel". Which "mat" should I direct my energies to? I ask because the list is rather long......!

Thanks for any help :)

Eva V. Ersbøll:
Hello David

The quarter is "Vester Kvarter del 1"

"The Matrikel" is Nr. 1-137 (second on the list), opslag 190

Here is a link to a map where you can see Kattesundet matr. nr 112:

Since 1872, Kattesundet Matr. Nr. 112 is Kattesundet nr. 8.

Best regards

Verner Bentsen:
Hi David

Have you got my email "Kattesundet 112" FT1855 ?


David Møller:
Hej Verner

Yes, I got your very interesting email - thanks!

But I'm still puzzled!

Reason is Thora Møller is very clearly stated in AO, vor Frue, Kbn, 1854-1859 opslag 42 as being the mother of my great grandfather Christian Møller and it states also clearly that she was residing at Kattesundet 112. However, she does'nt seem to appear in either the 1855 or 1860 censuses for that address?

Wonder if she might be traceable on the police records?



P.S. just thought in my other records Springgade 14 (Triniatis) keeps being mentioned. Maybe 1855 and 1860 census in that area needs looking into too? (I'm not sure if I've already searched in there for those years)


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