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george capton:
 I would like help  translating a birth record for Marie Pedersen 1863-1881 Horby, Dronninglund page 69 line 15. I think the parents are Ane Marie Nielsen and Jens Peder Pedersen. Check 1870 Horby census records page 39. Would you agree? Also, do you think this is the same Peder as marriage record from Horby 1863, line 8 page 127 and also the marriage record 1873 Taars, page 196 line 16. On 1870 census does the letter F mean divorce.  If  this is my great grandfather I am related to him by my grandmother Thomine Larsen and also thru the daughter Marie Pedersen. There is a another later marriage. Thank you for all your help. George

Jette E. Toftegaard Pedersen:
The translation (can't read it all):

Parents: Maid Ane Marie Nielsen living in Kuhr and the father is Jens Peder Pedersen in Kuhr.

In the comment at the right side it says: The mother is 26 years old and she livid by her father in  K?huset in Karup 10 months before the birth (at the time she got pregnant)

Witnesses at the baptism:

Maid Caroline Pedersen from Kuhr carried the child.
Farmer Carl Christian Larsen from ? ?
Bachelor Thomas Christian Jensen from Annexgaarden
and ? Jacob Marinus from Kuhr.

About the census:

F means "fraskilt": divorced.

I think it is the same Jens Peder Pedersen who got married in 1863: Name age and place fit.

I don not know about the one from Taars - I I will try to find out.

Jette E. Toftegaard Pedersen:
I found this:

hjoerring, Børglum, Taars, Klarup By Taars Sogn, Et Hus, 5, FT-1880, C3310
Navn: Alder: Civilstand: Stilling i husstanden: Erhverv: Fødested:
Jens Peter Pedersen 38  Gift Husfader, Murer  Vidstrup Sogn Hjørring Amt
Thomine Larsen 34  Gift Husmoder  Jerslev Sogn Hjørring Amt
Peder Kristian Pedersen 7  Ugift Søn  Hørby Sogn Hjørring Amt
Helene Martine Pedersen 5  Ugift Datter  Her i Sognet
Søren Peter Pedersen 3  Ugift Søn  Her i Sognet

And in the 1870 census Jens Peder is said to be born in Wistrup - I think it could be the same.

There is only one Jens Peder Pedersen born i Vidstrup Parish in the period 1832-1849 - I think it is the right one.

Here he is in the 1921 census:

hjoerring, Børglum, Taars, Taars, Taars By, 34, FT-1921, C8125
Navn: Alder: Civilstand: Stilling i husstanden: Erhverv: Fødested:
Jens Peter Pedersen 6/10 1841 Gift Husfader Murer Vidstrup Sogn Hjørring Amt
Ane Kirstine Pedersen 7/3 1860 Gift Husmoder  Volstrup Sogn Hjørring Amt

george capton:
Thank you for your help. For a while I though Jens had another wife then
I realized Ane Kristine Pedersen was Ane Kristine Olsen who he married
Dec 30 1909 in Taars page 172, Thomine Larsen died Apr.14 1908 Taars.
Thank you for your help.


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