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Abbreviation in a birth record


Janice Simpson:
First, thanks to Mette for solving my registration woes.

My question concerns a term used in the church book for Den. Kgl. Fodselsstiftelse, in København, specifically 1906-1908, Ops 114, No. 550.  In the far right column it begins with 10 Mdg. (or is it Udg.?) and then goes on with an abbreviated address for Overgaden oven Vandet 98 and then the name Metz. 

As Børge Petersen's decendants belive that his father was Henning Metz and Henning and his birth family are found at that address in 1906 and 1911, this entry seems to confirm it.  The rest of the entry in that section is the mother's home address.

I'm curious about the notation 10 M(U)dg.  If it is Udg. then I understand that it probably is an abbreviation for "udlagt" (claimed) but what does the 10 mean?

Thanks in advance for your insight, I learn so much here.
Mvh, Janice

Lissa Pedersen:
Hi Janice,

10 Mdg. (10 month day) means that the parish, in which the mother stayed, when the baby was conceived, has the obligations to support this child, if the mother dies. It was always mentioned, when a mother gave birth to an illegitimate child.


Janice Simpson:
Thanks Lissa!

Peter Bøjesen Jensen:
Hi Janice

Udlagt (clamed) is used when the mother and father is not maried. Udlagt = who the mother says is the father.


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