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Christina Wilson:
I have Swedish ancestors, who moved to Gentofte parish in Copenhagen by 1801. The only clue where in Sweden is Skaane--which is a rather big area. Unfortunately they're names are also on the common side (Jacob Olsen and Karen Hansdatter). What resources in Denmark can help me narrow down their point of origin?

Oh, I probably should list what I've looked at.
The 1801, 1834, 1840, and 1845,  1850 census.
Jacob's 1852 death record (I haven't found Karen's)
One of their children (Ole Jacobsen) was born in Sweden, so I have looked at his confirmation record in Gentofte.
The other children's christening records (Gentofte)

I have had people look at these various records. So my question is what other sources in Gentofte or Copenhagen would help.

(The family were all day laborers, so I don't think guild records would help).


Eva Morfiadakis:
Born in Ekeby parish
1690 - 1894
Date of birth:  1793-11-08 (8 November, 1793) 
Name of the child: Ola (born in wedlock)
Father: Jacob Olsson
Titel åbo = kind of famer (not owning his land)
Place Ejlestorp
Mother: Karna Hansdotter


Ekeby is in Skaane.

Eva M

Christina Wilson:
Very interesting, but possibly a little early. I have an approximate birth year (which I see I forgot to mention) for Ole of 1799. I also notice I didn't mention that I look at the various Family History Sites every now and then--and there have been several candidates.

Eva Morfiadakis:
You find Karen Hansdotter's death on Gentofte deceased 1839-1878, image 125, No. 17. She died on 11 July 1848.
Eva M

PS You can't always trust the census when it comes to age. But if you have found Ole's confirmation you can approximately tell when he was born. If you haven't found the exact place of birth in Sweden in the Danish church books that's it. You have to find out if the family I suggested emigrated to Denmark. Since it is around 1800 there might not be any moving lists.

Christina Wilson:
Ole Jacobsen's confirmation is in Gentofte in the year 1814. (Gentofte record 1651-1814 ops 441 #9) This is the only record that almost has Skaane, Sweden. The various people who have looked pretty much agree, they think it reads Skaane.

I know there are some records for Sweden online, i've even tried searching them. I will look at this family and see if perhaps they had a 2nd son named Ole around 1799.



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