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Need Help with Maren Pedersdatter

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Stuart Anderson:
Need help with Maren Pedersdatter

  I have 2 Maren Pedersdatter (s) as possible person as my 4th Great Grandmother.

1)Maren Pedersdatter  born: 31 Aug 1727  Lyngsaa, Albaek, Hjorring
   Father  Peder Olufsen born: 1691  Albaek

   Mother  Bodil Jeppesdatter  born: 1696  Albaek

  She was married to:

1)Jorgen Andersen  born 1722  Lyngsaa, Albaek
married: Dec. 1753
2)Thomas Sorensen  born 1730  Rogelhede, Hellevad
married 1 July 1759


2)Maren Pedersdatter born: Aug 1734   Rogelhede, Hellevad
      Father   Peder Andersen  Born 1696 Torslev, Dronninglund, Hjorring

      Mother   Johanna Christensdatter  Born 1693  Rugholm, Dr., Hj.

   She was married to:

        Thomas Sorensen  Born: 1730  Rogelhede, Hellevad

It is possible that these are 2 different ladies and only second one should be married to Thomas Sorensen.
 Stuart Anderson

Stuart Anderson:
I have found a marriage of Thomas Sorensen and Maren Pedersdatter:

1756 - 1779   Hellevad - Hellium - Orum
opslag 117     1st entry on page

Could I please get someone to translate this entry?
Thank You

Stuart Anderson

Ib Hansen:
Hi Stuart,

I read:

"(1759) (1. July) Married the bachelor and copyholder Thomas Sørensen og Røggelshede and the young girl Maren Pedersdatter from the same place."

It must be the Maren born in 1734. Parents: Peder Andersen and Johanne Christensdatter.''

Manyr egards

Stuart Anderson:
Thank you for the translation and because she was from the same area as Thomas, then the Maren Pedersdatter who married Thomas Sorensen was born in 1934. Am I correct in this assumption?

I then believe, although I could not find the marriage in the church books, that the other Maren Pedersdatter (born 1727 in Lyngsaa) was married to Jorgen Andersen.

Again thank you for clearing up some of my confusion.

Stuart Anderson

Stuart Anderson:
Could I please get the translation for the marriage of Jorgen Andersen and Maren Pedersdatter:

1717 - 1788   Hjorring, Dronninglund, Albaek

Opslag 292   Nov 6 1753

Thank You

Stuart Anderson


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