Forfatter Emne: Still seeking Birth/Christening entry for my 4th Grt Grandfather-Ole Christensen  (Læst 696 gange)

Lynn Christiansen

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Regarding my 4th great grandfather Ole Christensen. I have located his Marriage 28 Sept 1758 in Hundborg in the Hundborg, Hundborg, Thisted Parish register
This validated his engagement also.

I have his Death/Burial information from 1715-1786 Jannerup Hundborg Thisted img 408 pg 220-1763-#3

From the Death entry I calculate his Birth/Christening event to be about 1 Feb 1718. I am assuming in as much as all of the events in his life occurred in Hundborg that he was born there also. I may be wrong.

I have search the Hundborg and Jannerup registers and have located no entry.

Any help located his Birth data would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Lis Helleberg

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Dear Lynn,

I may be wrong but I read the information about his death in 1963 this way:

Burial on July 8 1763.
Died when he was 49 years, 4 months and 7 days old.
Assuming that the age refers to the age at his death and not the date of the burial AND assuming that the burial in Summertime was no later that one week after his death, he must be born ultimo Feb. 1714.

Unfortunately the church books for Hundborg/Jannerup doesn't seem to cover this period.

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Ole Westermann

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I agree with Lynn that OCs age at his burial was 45 years, and not 49.  The 9 is written differently in other places.
But he may easily have been born in another parish than Hundborg/Jannerup - where I did not find him.

mvh Ole