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Art Berggreen

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Confirmation record question
« Dato: 07 Jul 2022 - 17:53 »
Anna Kirstine Hjorth was from Thustrup Manor in Aalborg County which I am pretty sure was within Fræer Parish.  Most family church events are recorded in the Fræer Parish church records.  Her confirmation record is recorded both in Fræer Parish and nearby Blenstrup Parish, but it appears that the confirmation was actually in Blenstrup Kirke (and counted there) and just recorded in her "home" parish.,26943622,27205327
Have I got that correct?  And why in the neighboring parish?  Maybe grouping young people from a couple of parishes to make a larger group?  Did confirmation require some classes like the modern Lutheran church?

Thanks for any insight,

Lis B. Jensen

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Sv: Confirmation record question
« Svar #1 Dato: 08 Jul 2022 - 12:29 »
Hi Art

Yes . You are correct.
I cant answer the secind Question
Lis B. Jensen
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Lennarth Nielsen

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Sv: Confirmation record question
« Svar #2 Dato: 08 Jul 2022 - 23:28 »
hi Art,

far back in the days a confirmation required some education and a test to pass. It was stated by law as I read it and if you didn't pass, you couldn't get married later on. You could even be put to prison, if you were against the confirmation. You can try with Google translate on the homepage here:øring/konfirmationens-historie

And about the two parishes the explanation probably is that the priest covered several parishes. Today, one priest often cover several parishes as well. Another explanation could be that one of the parishes is a so-called annekssogn. There's an explanation in Danish here:

Have a nice weekend :)


Niels Just Rasmussen

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Sv: Confirmation record question
« Svar #3 Dato: 08 Aug 2022 - 12:48 »
Fræer Parish was actually annex to Skørping Parish, so why took the confirmation place in Blenstrup Parish?

You speculated: "Maybe grouping young people from a couple of parishes to make a larger group?"
I think that is correct as I have encountered the same phenomenon before.
It is also worth to search neighbouring parishes for confirmation details in rural areas.

Pastor Koed was the priest in both Skørping and Fræer.
You had another priest covering Blenstrup and Gerding [only writes "sognepræsten" and not his name).

For Blenstrup you can see that 21. April 1895 a person is confirmed in Gerding Parish.
Source (page 97 bottom):,26943621

So these two priest must have been in communication to shuffle students around?!