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Would appreciate one word in death entry


Lynn Christiansen:
I have located the death entry for my 4th great grandmother Anne Jensdatter: 1838-1843 Aarhus Domsogn, Hasle, Aarhus img 303 pg 353-#43

I have the transcription as follows:
Anno: 1839
Numb: 43
Death Date: 13de Decbr
Burial Date: 19 Decbr
Name: Ane Jensdatter
Status: Afg: Slagter Ths {Thomas} Weises Enke i ??
Age: 84
Index 387-404

I would appreciate the transcription for the ??, a location,  if I am not mistaken.

Thank you

Also any help with locating her parents would be appreciated.

RIN 6838

Hans Chr. Baagøe:
The status:

Afg: Slagter Th {Thomas} Weises
Enke i forsørgelseshuset [the support house]

Hans Chr. Baagøe

Lynn Christiansen:
Thank you for the feedback


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