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Finding mother and father


Donna Meldgaard:
Having some problems with My 4th gr grandmother, maria Augusta Asmussen/Rasmussen’s father.  I have a birth record of an Anna Maria Augusta Asmussen being born to a Mons Christen Asmussen in the year 1749 in Adsbøl, Åbenrå, Denmark. I also have her marriage record of July 19, 1776 in the same place which says her father is Hr Rasmussen.  Census records and birth records for her children list her as Maria Augusta.  Can I assume that she dropped the Anna from her name, or are these two different people?  What I am trying to do is ascertain who her father and mother are.

Inger Buchard:
Generally in the Duchy of Slesvig Asmussen and Rasmussen is the same surname; Asmussen used by a German speaking writer, Rasmussen by a Danish speaking writer

The number of first names often vary in different sources; the writer of the census list may have dropped the Anna, because only Maria Augusta was the name she was using at that time.
Having three first names only told who was honored by being remembered: grandmothers, witnesses, employer('s wife), Duchess, but she probably never actually used alle three first names

So: if all other informations (place, age, parents' names) are identical, it's the same person

Inger Buchard

Donna Meldgaard:
Thank you, Inger Buchard.  After reading your response, I am fairly confident I have the right person.  Less than a year later, her sister married the brother of her husband, and the same Hr. Rasmussen was listed as the father.  Sure wish the record had listed her father's first name.


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