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Needing two word in death entry POSSIBLE conflict


Lynn Christiansen:
I have located the death entry for my 5th Great Grandmother in 1694-1806 Harlev, Framlev, Aarhus img 90 pg 83a Last entry under the Month of May

My transcription is:
Year: 1742
No: last entry under May
d 6de ?? ?? Jens Bærentzens kone paa af Harlev

I need the first two words. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

POST addition: I just located the marriage entry for Jens Berentzen and Lisbeth Andersdatter

but the above death information is before the marriage information. Are these for the same Jens?????

RIN 13828

John Damm Sørensen:
I read: "Jordede jeg" = I buried.


Lynn Christiansen:
Thank you John.

I located an Engagement/Marriage for Jens Berentsen and Lisbeth Andersdatter at

I now question the death information being for my 5th Great Grandmother in that Jens surname Bærntzen {from death entry} verses Berentsen {from marriage entry} and the marriage date verses death date.

Rebecca Johnson:
Is it possible that Jens Bærntzen was married prior to Lisbeth Andersdatter?  It was quite common in Denmark to marry very quickly after the death of a spouse.  It appears to be the same Jens in both entries.

Family Search seems to confirm that there was a first wife:

Karsten Damén:
I assume that we are dealing with Jens Berntsen Kuhlman, who had two at least two children in his first marriage.

Jens, first born son, 1732

Maren, born 1735

Jens Berntsen Kuhlman was born 1699



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