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Brick Wall?


Art Berggreen:
In looking for a birth/baptism record for Ane Sørensdatter I think I've run into a problem.  She was the eldest child of  Søren Jensen Junker and Lovise Christensdatter.  Since her parents were married in Malt parish and all of her other siblings were born/baptized in Malt parish, I assume she was also born in Malt parish about late 1770 to 1772.  But it appears that the original microfilms made by LDS are missing the relevant pages (and also have a duplicate image nearby).  The original folio page numbers I want are 141-142, but every online source I've checked these two are missing (and folio pages 145-146 are duplicated).  I assume most or all of the online digitized images are derived from the LDS microfilms.  Even the LDS own online digitized images for this parish show the same problem, so I doubt that accessing their microfilm would contain the missing pages.  I've looked in nearby parishes with no luck.

Any thoughts about other places to look, or should I accept that this is lost information?

Thanks for any help,

Inger Toudal:
I've reported the missing pages to the Danish National Archives.
I got an automatic reply that the error had already been reported by another user. 

So maybe some day you'll be able to check the pages...

Venlig hilsen
Inger Toudal

Art Berggreen:
Inger, thank you for reporting the issue to the Archives.  Maybe sometime in the future I can look again.  For now I'll make a note and move on to other people.


Lisa Petersen:
Will the new images be inserted where they correctly belong, or will they be put in another, special place?  I have a similar problem in a different parish (2 pages were turned over during microfilming by mistake, same at FS).  I notified the RA probably 2 years ago, but have not seen any new images yet.


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