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Inger Toudal:

--- Citat fra: Inger Toudal efter 18 Jul 2022 - 16:13 ---
Actually, the house was situated in Engesvang school district, Kragelund parish, which starts here: - right page

- and ends here: - left page

The place names seen are: Engesvang, Engesvang Mark, Engbjerggaard, Engesvang Hede, Engesvanghuus,
Nederjulianehede, Elbæk, Skygge, Skyggehale, Klode Mølle, Klosterlund, Taastruplund, and Grøndalsgaard.

The person who has indexed the 1860 Census for Kragelund parish at has left out the info about Engesvang school district !!

--- Afslutning på citat ---

This is how I would index the 1860 Census:

Viborg, Hids, Kragelund, Engesvang Skoledistrikt, Grøndalsgaard, Et Huus, 124, FT-1860, B5393
Name:     Age:     Marital status:     Position in household:     Occupation:     Birthplace:
Anders Christensen Holdgaard     56     gift      Huusmand, Huusfader            her i Sognet
Inger Marie Andersdatter     60     gift      hans Kone            [her i Sognet]
Christen Andersen Holdgaard     31     ugift      deres Børn, tjener Forældrene            [her i Sognet]
Birthe Marie Andersen     29     ugift      deres Børn, tjener Forældrene            [her i Sognet] 

In Klosterlund, there was one farm (Jens Nicolai Anchersen with family) and a house (no residents).

Venlig hilsen

Julia Graham:
Inger — your research skills are fantastic! Thank you so much for putting aside the time to help me with my (many) questions — I would be so confused without your help! I love the little extras you find (notes about the place names, maps of parishes, photographs) — it really means a lot to me. I wish I could send you some chocolate! I will update the information I have from the 1860 Census too. You're a star.


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