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Is Peter Ketelsen Lorentzen (Flensburg) the same person as Peter Bischoff?


Dear experts,

I am related to the Bischoff family situated in Stenbjerg=Steinberg east of Flensburg.
Catharina von Lutten/von Lütten 1611 - 1647 is said to have been married to Peter Ketelsen Lorentzen *? +15.07.1650
and to Peter Bischoff (familysearch has two birth entries for Peter Bischoff *1590 and *1603, +1650)

Is Peter Ketelsen Lorentzen (Flensburg) the same person as Peter Bischoff - and if so why is he called "Bischoff"?
Many people have the same parents for Peter Bischoff and Peter Ketelsen Lorentzen:
Lorentz Petersen 1550 - 1625 and Anna Hansdatter Petersen (born Ketelsen) 1557 - 1623.

Any hints are very welcome!
Thanks in advance

Rebecca Johnson:
On first glance I would say that they are not the same person but you need to look deeper. 

Here is what we know from Family Search (FS):

Peter Bischoff #1 (MMV7-W1R) is born about 1590 in Gröden, Elbe-Elster, Brandenburg, Prussia and died there 21 Mar 1653.  He has an unnamed spouse (1595-1688) with whom he has 2 sons: Martin Bischoff born 18 Dec 1616 in Gröden, Elbe-Elster, Brandenburg, Prussia and Jacob Bischoff born in 1622 in the same place.  Peter Bischoff #1 can be excluded because the wife of Peter Ketelsen Lorentzen (2Z9C-Y2B), Catharina Von Lutten (L7B9-PW4), would only be 5 years old when Martin Bischoff is born in 1616.

Peter Bischoff #2 (GQDQ-8B9) was born about 1590 in Steinburg, Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia.  His spouse is Catharina (GQDQ-83D) born about 1607 in Steinburg, Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia.  This couple has the following children: Simon (about 1629), Hans (about 1632), Jeurgen (about 1636) and Catharina (about 1644) all born in Steinburg, Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia.  The birth dates for all 4 children are estimates.

Peter Ketelsen Lorentzen (2Z9C-Y2B) was born about 1595 in Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia.  He married Catharina Von Lutten (L7B9-PW4)—who was born 30 Dec 1611 in Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia and dies in 1647 probably from childbirth—on 6 Sep 1632.  This couple has Brigitta Lorentzen born about 1640 in Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia attached to them on FS.

I did not find a Peter Bischoff born in 1603 (KF51-8ZM) but it looks like someone merged him on 30 May 2020 with Peter Bischoff #2.

I think it is quite possible that Peter Bischoff #2 (GQDQ-8B9) and Peter Ketelsen Lorentzen (2Z9C-Y2B) are the same person.  Three of the children of Peter Bischoff #2 are named after the uncles/aunt of Peter Ketelsen Lorentzen (ie: Hans, Jeurgen, Catharina).

Then again, they might not be the same person either.  There is just not enough information and just because someone has put the parents in, that match the parents of Peter #2 and Peter Ketelsen, well, without source documentation I would tread carefully.  Having said that, it is also possible that at some point someone merged Peter #1 with Peter #2 and overwrote his surname to be Bischoff and then they were unmerged at a later date.  Finally, Catharina Von Lutten might have married two spouses both having the given name of Peter.

The challenge with that is it assumes that Peter #2 died and Peter Ketelsen is the 2nd husband.  And, the problem with that is that Peter #2 is still having children after Peter Ketelsen marries Catharina Von Lutten in 1632.

I hope I have not confused you too much.  I had to write it all out to make sense of it myself.


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