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Trying to locate Holmgaard, Thisted and the parish it associates with

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Lynn Christiansen:
Thank you for the feedback. I have found noting thus far in any of the suggestions.

I do not find the entries for the year 1732 in the Øster Vandet Parish registers although the title indicates the year is covered. One register indicates Marriage coverage through 1731 and the next register says it starts with 1732. One ends in 1731 and the next begins with 1733. No Coverage of 1732, my year of interest.

Continue my search. Thanks.....

Jørgen Bak Andersen:
An Peder Pedersen is born in Helligsø parish 1708. His parents is Peder Andersen and Maren Andersdatter. May be this Peder Andersen is the best man for Peder Pedersen 1732 in Sønderhå.
Holmgård may not be a place but a name of farm where Peder works at the timeof his wedding.
Jørgen Bak Andersen

Hans Mikkelsen:
There is a farm Holmgård in Karby parish, Morsø Sønder herred

Hans Mikkelsen

Lynn Christiansen:
Thank you Hans. Now to locate the farm on a map to obtain its Geo Code.....

Bjarke Thyrrestrup:
Here is their marriage:,27727981

As I read it:

Den 4. Decembr. [1731] havde Peder
Pedersßøn i Holmegrd i
Ydbye Sogn /: Her Synder:/
og Dorthe Nielsdaatter
i Hegelunds grd her i
Jæstrup [Lyngs Parish] Trolofvelse med
hver Andre

Peder Andersßøn i Hellig-
sø og Niels Christens-
søn i Hegelunds grd her
i Jæstrup
Copul. d 7 Febr 1732



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