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Familysearch feast days calendar problem?


Art Berggreen:
For converting church dates to calendar dates, I usually use:
I was looking up the Sunday after St. Michaels day in 1828 and noticed something strange.  All of the dates listed for 1828 that should be on Sunday didn't line up with Sundays on online calendars for 1828.  They did line up with the Sundays on 1827!  Anyone notices anything like this or have any idea what I'm doing wrong?


Ole Westermann:
A good alternative is to use Bauers Kalender
Click at the century (århundrede) you want to look at.

mvh Ole

Art Berggreen:
Thanks Ole!  Even though my dansk is very limited It looks pretty straightforward.  It looks like the abbreviations are fairly obvious.

Does anyone know if the pages displayed by Familysearch are all pre-calculated and just loaded when a year is clicked or if each page is dynamically generated when the year is clicked?  The pages for 1827 and 1828 appear to be identical, but 1826 and 1829 differ as expected.  I'll look for a Familysearch support link.



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