Forfatter Emne: Glastrader family Schuerer/Schierer in Sjaelland-Franz Josef Schierer 1728-1749  (Læst 325 gange)

Christina Kaul

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I am doing research on Bohemian glassblower families and in this context need some help with Bohemian emigrants to Denmark.

Together with an expert on early Northern Bohemian glass huts and glass blower families, we are trying to establish the connection and missing links between the Northern-Bohemian branch of the Schierer of Waldheim family and the Danish / Swedish Schierer branch of glass traders.

Our point of departure is an old article about early glass production and trading in Denmark: C. Nyrop: Danmarks glasindustri indtil 1750.


Starting on page 516 the article talks about three Bohemian glass traders that became Kobenhavn citiziens in 1727. The following year - so in 1728 - the glass traders Franz Wenzel Schierer and Joseph Schierer - became citizens of Copenhagen. In 1740 Franz Wenzel Schierer works for the glass trader Mathias Weidlich in Helsingor and in 1749 the company is called 'Glashandel Weidlich and Schierer'. 

I have been trying to find some evidence for Franz Wenzel Schierer and have failed so far. Obviously, the 1787 census is timewise a bit far off. I have looked into the church books in Helsingor and St. Petri in Kobenhavn and could not find any trace of him.
His first name suggests he came from Bohemia and he probably was Catholic - later Schierer in Kobenhavn are also Catholic - but I could find no trace of him in Sankt Ansgar either.

Any suggestion how I could proceed ?

Thanks in advance for your help, Christina