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List of friendly helpers
« Dato: 21 Sep 2010 - 22:57 »
With a little help from our friends we come a long way :-)
Friendly people from several countries have generously promised to help Danes who are searching for relatives abroad. Here is a list of family history researchers who are ready to help.
I am grateful to see so much helpfulness and I hope everybody will take pleasure in helping each others.
Please remember to write in English, German og French when you apply to the helpers. They generally do not understand Danish.

Paul Londahl-Smidt: PLondahlsmid(snabel a) 
Julie Pickett - Colorado: julpickett(snabel a)
Cliff Jensen: cjensen(snabel a)
Robin Johnsen - eastern Nebraska/western Iowa: RobinJohnsen8(snabel a)
Jonathan Bryan - Maryland, Delaware and Virginia: Joniterp62(snabel a)

Linda Dabbs: dandlvac(snabel a)

Susan Collins: susanmcollins(snabel a)

Austria-Hungary, Czech Republic:
Christina Kaul: kaul(snabel a) You my write in English, German, French to Christina

Michelle Larsen: dlarsen(snabel a)

A little information for non-Danes: "snabel a" is danish for @!
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