Forfatter Emne: Looking for Ancestors of Soren Christian Nielsen Born 1844 in Skibby  (Læst 363 gange)

Scott Nielsen

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Hello, this is my first post here so I'll apologise in advance if I've done something the wrong way . . .

My name is Scott Nielsen and I've been able to trace my family back to my Soren Christian Nielsen who was born in Skibby in 1844. This is through a combination of work my father did 20 years ago and my investigations on recently.
Soren Christian emigrated with most of his family (but not his father) to Australia in 1871. I have good information about the family in Australia (I live in Sydney), and I'd like to be able to confirm the information I have further back in Denmark. So, the short version of what I know is as follows:
Soren Christian Nielsen (my Great-Great-Grandfather) was born in Skibby 17 Apr 1844, married Caroline Petersen on Feb 19 1865 (Holy Ghost Church Copenhagen), emigrated to Tasmania on the Eugenie out of Hamburg Oct 20 1871 arriving Hobart Tasmania on 24 March 1872. His mother, Ane Sorensdatter (b 8 Aug 1805 in Lingerup) emigrated to Australia at the same time. His father was Hans Peter Nielsen-Davidsen who was the blacksmith in Skibby. He was born 14 March 1805 in Emdrup or Ordrop and remained in Denmark, dying on 24 Aug 1863 in Skibby. I have a note about this: "Died August 24, 1863. File Parish register Skibby 210, volume 3, 1846-183, dead mankind 1863, no. 11". Hans Peter and Ane were married on 18 May 1831 in the Gentofte Church, Skibby.
Hans Peter's father was Niels Davidsen Engelgreen b 1763 and died on 10 Jan 1829. again there is a note about this: "Parish register of Bronshoj 117, volume 7, 1814-1842, page 415, dead mankind 1829, no. 184: January 10, 1829 Niels Davidsen Englegreen, the smith of Emdrup, died. He was 66 years old. January 16, 1829 he has been buried". I believe Niels married Karen Hansdatter (born 1765 died 15 Sep 1809 in the parish of Bronshoj) but don't have a date for that. Along with Hans Peter they had two other children David b 1794 and Berthe b 1799.
Ane Sorensdatter's parents are possibly Soren Jensen (born in 1790 at St Andst, Ribe, died 7 March 1849 in Radners, Arhus) and Jensine Nielsen Skov, (born 12 April 1773 in Randers, died 26 Aug 1829) but I'm not at all sure this is correct.

That's as far as I can get, and I understand with the patrynomic surnames it can all get get very confusing. If anyone has any information that can confirm (or correct) the information I have or any information further back I'd love to hear from you. Similarly, if anyone is after information of my branch of the Nielsens in Australia I'd be very happy to pass that on.

Helle Jespersen

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Forsker i området omkring Skibby, Horsens, Als & Sundeved, og lidt syd for Ålborg. Har afstikkere til København, USA og Australien, samt enkelte indgifte fra Sverige og Polen.

Mike Lyng

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Ane Sørensdatter born in Gjerløv (Gerlev)

Ane - april 22,24899476

Frederiksborg, Horns, Gerlev, Lyngerup, , 11, FT-1801, B4636
Navn:    Alder:    Status:    Stilling i familien:    Erhverv:    Fødested:
Søren Jensen     36     Gift     Mand     Huusmand med Jord      
Kirstine Henrichsdatter     hans Kone     Gift     28           

Jens [Sørensen]     1     Ugift     deres Søn 

Frederiksborg, Horns, Gerlev, Lyngerup Bye, et Huus, 11, FT-1834, B3956
Navn:    Alder:    Status:    Stilling i familien:    Erhverv:    Fødested:
Søren Jensen     71     Gift          Huusmand og Arbeidsmand      
Kirstine Hendriksdatter     67     Gift          hans Kone 
Alfast Poulsen     29     Gift          Inderste og Arbeidsmand      
Bodil Sørensdatter     24     Gift          hans Kone      
Hans Alfastsen     3     Ugift          deres Børn      
Christian Alfastsen     1     Ugift          deres Børn 

Frederiksborg, Horns, Gerlev, Lyngerup By, et Huus, 100.12, FT-1845, B4207
Navn:    Alder:    Status:    Stilling i familien:    Erhverv:    Fødested:
Jens Sørensen     38     Gift          Huusmand, lever af sin Jordlod     her i Sognet 
Margrete Andersdatter     33     Gift          hans Kone     Krogstrup Sogn, Frb. Amt 
Karen Jensen     11     Ugift          deres Børn     her i Sognet 
Søren Jensen     7     Ugift          deres Børn     her i Sognet 
Søren Jensen     82     Gift          Aftægtsmand og Fattiglem     Kyndby Sogn, Frb. Amt
Kirsten Henriksdatter     72     Gift          hans Kone     Ferslev Sogn, Frb. Amt

d. 9de nov - Søren Jensen, Kyndby Sogn & Kierstine Hendrichsdatter, Krogstrup Sogn,25492791

Søren Jensen - 5te post Trinit. Father Jens Sørensen,25508391