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Move records in Danish church records
« Dato: 13 Okt 2018 - 07:24 »

I am tracking my great-great-grandfather Jorgan Andersen from Roholte, Praesto, Denmark who was born on 19 Nov 1843 in either Orup or Roholte. I found a Danish church record for a "move" in 1866. What is the significance of this? Why did churches keep track of moves?

I found this record, along with the original image, on Family Search (

Here is the citation from Family

"Danmark Kirkebøger, 1484-1941", database with images, FamilySearch ( : 15 March 2018), Jorgen Andersen, 1866.

It looks like he is moving from either Orup or Roholte to "Fakse"? Was that a town or a parish?

And it looks like it may be recording his vocation? Laborer?

And who was Dr. Heise? Sponsor or employer?

Will someone please translate this record for me? Jorgen is #26 on that page. I tried to attach a JPEG of the image, but I hope I haven't made a mistake since I'm not familiar with Danish. Should see "Jorgen Andersen 1 of 2.JPG" in the attachment.

Thank you.

Grethe Leerbech

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Sv: Move records in Danish church records
« Svar #1 Dato: 13 Okt 2018 - 11:56 »
Hello KP

From ca. 1814 - 1873 the state wanted to have knowledge of where especially servants worked and when they moved and also whom they worked by. It was a way to controll the common people, and a way to be sure the people have a work and did not "walk unemplyed around" at that time many "took to the roads" or walked around without a home and work.

So pouple had to visit the priest when moving and arriving to a new place and he had to note when the servants and small farmers etc. moved from one place to another, and also write the name of the employer- the old an new one.

Its called "Tilgangslister" and "Afgangslister " - approachlists and take off lists.

Fakse is a town , but also a parish and a commune

Dr. Heise should be his former emplyer, but I have doubt about that because I think, that dr. Heise  1/5 is the doctor who vaccinated him against the sickness cops and also the other name and date could be a vaccination (30.8. af Mourir) - Where was he from the 1.  of may to the 30.  of august???
but I am uncertain about that. Because in other approachlists it is written in another mannor.

« Senest redigeret: 13 Okt 2018 - 11:58 af Grethe Leerbech [814] »
Thyholm,Vang, Gislum,Hornum,Hindsted, Slet, Års i Aalborg a. Ginding,Ringkøbing a.Rinds, Fjends,Hindborg,Viborg a. Nybøl, Sottrup,Sønderbog a.sogne i Tyskland, Sunds,Svendborg a.Tuse,Års,Løve i Holbæ

Ole Westermann

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Sv: Move records in Danish church records
« Svar #2 Dato: 13 Okt 2018 - 13:28 »
All employed people had to bring along a socalled Skudsmaalsbog - servant's conduct book, see

I would call Tilgangslister → arrival lists - and Afgangslister → departure lists

JA is a Tjenestekarl - farm hand (like (in Danish 'ligeledes') nr 22), and arrives from Roholte with an attestation made by Dr. Heise on May1, and he had been vaccinated for smallpox 30/8-44 by Mourier. These things are written in his 'Skudsmaalsbog'.

mvh Ole

Inger Toudal

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Sv: Move records in Danish church records
« Svar #3 Dato: 13 Okt 2018 - 13:39 »

Dr. Heise was vicar in Roholte parish:

Præstø, Fakse, Roholte, Roholte, en Præstegaard, 1, FT-1860, D5946
Name:     Age:     Marital status:     Position in household:     Occupation:     Birth place:
Frederik Julius Heise     40     Enkemand      Sognepræst. Dr. Phil. Huusfader            Kjøbenhavn 
Christian Frederik Reginne Heise     5     Ugift      hans Børn            Nørbek, Viborg Amt 
Carl Heise     2     Ugift      hans Børn            Nørbek, Viborg Amt 
Helene Løkke     46     Ugift      Huusholderske            Herstedvester, Kjøbenhavns Amt 
Christen Jacobsen     41     Ugift      Tjenestefolk            Sønderbek, Viborg Amt 
Jens Nielsen     18     Ugift      Tjenestefolk            Her i Sognet [Roholte] 
Ane Lisbeth Hansen     25     Ugift      Tjenestefolk            Her i Sognet [Roholte] 
Christiane Frederikke Neeg.     25     Ugift      Tjenestefolk            Kjøbenhavn 
Antonette Marie Hartig     15     Ugift      Tjenestefolk            Hirscholm

Venlig hilsen
Inger Toudal


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Sv: Move records in Danish church records
« Svar #4 Dato: 13 Okt 2018 - 20:07 »
Thank you very much to all of those who gave wonderful information. The pictures of the servants' conduct book are amazing.

Oh, so interesting! I had no idea that workers had to carry a conduct book, but I would imagine that conduct book also served as their identification card, so to speak. Like a passport, driver's license or government identification book because that book contained that person's birthdate and vaccination date. It is my understanding that smallpox vaccination was required by law in Denmark starting in 1810.

I know that my ancestor emigrated to America in 1869, so he was most likely working and saving money for the trip? It makes sense that Dr. Heise was the vicar and JA had to prove who he was in order to work in that parish.

Thank you all very much for your help. Very much appreciated!

Thank you.

Kristine Pitkin
Corvallis, Oregon