Forfatter Emne: Knight Christian Peter Moller  (Læst 1789 gange)

John Moller

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Knight Christian Peter Moller
« Dato: 16 Maj 2011 - 23:18 »
Hello, I live in San Mateo
California USA and I have been researching my Moller Family.  I just found out that my Great Great Great Grand father was Christian Peter Moller born 18 Aug 1763 in Neuenkirchen, Kreis Steinburg, Germany and died April 1821 in Itzehoe, Germany. Christian Peter Moller was a Danish Knight  of the Dannebrog-Order.
The Order of the Dannebrog is an Order of Denmark, instituted in 1671 by Christian V. It resulted from a move in 1660 to break the absolutism of nobility. The Order was only to comprise 50 noble Knights in one class plus the Master of the Order, i.e. the Danish monarch, and his sons. In 1808, the Order was reformed and divided into four classes, with the ranks: Special class, First Order class, Second Order class and Third Order class.
I wanted to ask if someone knew how I might get a copy of his records from The Order of the Dannebrog, or any records might be found on his service.  Respectfully,  John.....

Ole Westermann

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Karen Graabæk Møller

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Sv: Knight Christian Peter Moller
« Svar #2 Dato: 17 Maj 2011 - 11:22 »
Hi John

I have a feeling that the Order that Christian Peter Moller had, might have been the Dannebrogordenens Hæderstegn (recipients were also known as Dannebrogsmænd).

This was an order given to more "simple" persons, where as the Knights of Dannebrog were royals, statesmen, and people from the higher social levels (or with occupations that elevated them to the higher social levels). The "simpler" persons would have been soldiers, members of church councils et al.

However, if you want to know more, there is a possibility to write to the adress below. I have taken it from the web-page I've linked to, maybe google translate can help you as this page seems not to be available in English. At this adress they should be able to find your ancestor and tell you if he was Dannebrogsmand or Knight of Dannebrog.

Det Gule Palæ, Amaliegade 18
Postboks 2143
1015 København K

Best regards,
Karen G. Møller