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Emil Itzig Levin Jacobsen

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Carlo de Pace:

I'm an italian student of History of Arts. I'm conducting a reaserch on Emil Itzig Levin Jacobsen. He was an amateur danish art historian, who made interesting reaserch of northern italian Art. I'm looking for any kind of news about him, but in particular I would like to know if he still have some heir in Danemark, or anywhere else in the world.

What I already find out about him and could be useful for the research is:

- date of birth (Copenhagen 1849) and death  (Nice 1914)
- he was a son of a typographer
- he married Rosalie Rosenfeld in 1884
- he had 2 daughter
- for a short time he opened a distillery
- in 1887 he left Denmark and lived in different contry in Europe: Italy, France and Spain
- from 1894 he get involved in study history of arts

I'm trying with all my efforts to get more news about him, but its really difficul for me because all the documents are in danish! So any kind of help or suggestion is welcome.
Thank a lot for helping me.

All the Best

Carlo de Pace

Jesper Skov:
Could be

kbhv, København (Staden), Boldhusgade, Boldhusgade Matr. 224, 2. Sal, 6, FT-1880, C8593
Navn: Alder: Civilstand: Stilling i husstanden: Erhverv: Fødested:
Sophie Jacobsen 71  Enke Husmoder  Kjøbenhavn
Barenth Joseph Jacobsen 73  Ugift Husmoder  fhv. Landmand, Enke Jacobsens Svoger
Emil Levin Jacobsen 31  Ugift Kjøbmand, Søn af Enke Jacobsen  Kjøbenhavn
Axel Levin Jacobsen 23  Ugift Kontorist, Søn af Enke Jacobsen  Kjøbenhavn
Kathrine Bodil Frederiksen 29  Ugift Tjenestepige  Kjøbenhavn

Kind regards,

Jesper Skov

Lissa Pedersen:
Hi Carlo,

Do you have this from Familysearch:


Birth: 24 JAN 1849 Mosiac Congregation, Kobenhavn, Kobenhavn, Denmark



Rosalie is here in 1880:

kbhv, København (Staden), Nytorv, Nytorv 11, 85, , 41, FT-1880 Name: Age: Marital status: Occupation in household: Occupation: Birth place:
Isidor Rosenfeld 67  Gift  Cantor ??
Helene Rosenfeld 65  Gift Husmoder  København
Leopold Rosenfeld 29  Ugift Komponist, Musiklærer København
Rosalia Rosenfeld 28  Ugift (unmarried) Frøken (Miss) København
Oline Dorthea Olsen 22  Ugift  Tjenestepige København

On - also in English - you will find a number of Rosenfeld(t), in e.g. the 1880 census.

Here you will find Emil's brother Julius Joseph LevinJacobsen and his family - ancestors/descendants:

This is Emil's brother Axel Levin Jacobsen, who died in Copenhagen - his wife Selma:

Axel Levin Jacobsen
vekselmægler (broker)
Born: 01-01-1856       Place of birth: København   
Dead:  21-04-1904     Address when he died:   Holmens Kanal   5, 1 (In Copenhagen)
NB!! Approx. date of birth
Spouse:  Selma   Born:  11-09-1852     Place of birth:  Bremen (in Germany)


Inger Toudal:
From the 1885 census:

København, København (Staden), Øster Søgade (Lige numre), Nørrevold Kvarter, Østersøgade 32, (Rørholmsgade 23, Ole Suhrsgade 24) Forhus 4. Sal, 10, FT-1885, C8141
Name: Age: Marital status: Position in household: Occupation: Birth place:
Emil Jacobsen 36  Gift [married] Husfader [head of household] Litterat [man of letters, litterateur] Kjøbenhavn
Rosalia Jacobsen 26  Gift Husmoder [housewife] Kjøbenhavn
Dorthea Christine Petersen 24  Ugift [single] Tyende [servant] Odense

- and the 1850 census:

København, København (Staden), Frimand Kvarter, Frimands Kvarter, Amagertorv 2, stuen, 9, FT-1850, C1436
Name: Age: Marital status: Position in household: Occupation: Birth place:
Levin Jacobsen 45  Gift  bogtrykker [printer] Kjøbenhavn
Sophia Jacobsen 41  Gift  konen [wife] Do.
Baruch Pawlsem 41  Ugift  broder [brother] Do.
Julius Jacobsen 4  Ugift  deres børn [their children] Do.
Emil Jacobsen 1  Ugift  deres børn Do.
Stine Clausen 30  Ugift  tjenestepige [maid] Do.

Best regards,
Inger Toudal

Anne Mortensen :
Mener jeg læste hans navn ved at google og der var linket til DIS.


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