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Inger Kathrine Madsen


Christina Wilson:
I'm stuck. Everytime the DDD cenus site updates, I search every county for 1855-1870 for her--and can't find her.

Inger Cathrine Madsen was born 22 May 1841 in Gentofte, Copnhagen. She was christened 27 Jun 1841. These records I have found on the AO. She was the daughter of Hans Madsen and Else Jacobsdatter.

Both her parents were dead by 1850. In the 1850 census she is in Brønshøj, living with her mother's sister's family. (Ane Jacobsdatter and Karl Lund/Lind Andersen). None of these people are in Brønshøj in 1855 (also from the AO).

Then she vanishes and doesn't show up again until 1873 in Hellebaek, Frederiksborg. She is married to Ole Rasmussen.

I am trying to find where she is between 1850 and 1873, since I'm also not able to find Ole and Inger's marriage record.

I've previously posted for help about this family at:,608950

I can follow the family from 1873 onward, it's between 1850 and 1873 that I am interested in.


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