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Søren Aagaard, forpagter i Kirketorp, Veggerby, Aalborg


Robert Granbeck:
        Hello from an American trying to find his Danish ancestors - and I need a little help!

      I have traced my family line back to Søren Kristensen Aagaard, c 1762 - c 1845. According to the 1787 census, he was the forpagter of Præstegaarden Kirketorp in Veggerby, Hornum, Ålborg. He came to Veggerby when he was 22 years old - it was the home town of his first wife, Sophie Dorethea Nors, who was the daughter of the sognepræst of Veggerby, Søren Nors.
      But Søren Aagaard and Sophie Nors were actually married in Giver, Års, Ålborg in 1784. The earliest reference of Søren that I have found is one of Nygaard's notes, Which refers to a "kongebrev" in which he received permission to marry Sophia in Giver by an "uvedkommende præst". (I think she was six months pregnant already) I will attach the file, but this is the webpage:

      I think this note says that Søren came from Viborg. Am I correct? What to the last lines of this note say? I don't understand Danish very well, and I can't read the handwriting well enough to use Google translate. Anyway, I have not yet found Søren in any Viborg churchbook. (It would take weeks to search them all!)
    So, I would like to ask if there is anyone researching the Aagaard families of this area. I have already looked through the DDD censuses and Nygaard's notes, and the Veggerby and Giver churchbooks on AO, but I cannot discover Søren's father or the parish of Søren's birth. Does anyone have any suggestions?

   Thank you very much from a DIS newcomer.
        Robert Granbeck ( )

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Finn Frederiksen:
the note says:
Ågård, Søren
of Viborg Stift (diocese)

and the two last lines says:
Brevet er ikke indført
kun antydet
(meaning that the letter is not written in the reference, but only referred to).



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