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Help Tracing Ingrid Pehrsdotter


Cathe Schwartz:
Hi - I've run into a brick wall attempting to trace my great-great grandmother and I'm hoping someone on this forum may have some suggestions. Her name was Ingrid Pehrsdotter and she was born in Fränninge, Malmöhus lan, Sweden on June 4, 1834. 

She gave birth to 2 children, married, moved to the parish of Östraby in Malmöhus lan, and then gave birth to another child who died in 1870. There is a note in the 1878-1888 Household Exam for Östraby (AI:10 pg 186) stating that a "Certificate of Character was sent to Aarhus Feb 17, 1773, where she then was living."

Another note was added later, possibly in 1880, that "Her husband claims she was dead"

I've looked through the Moving In Records for the parishes in Aarhus for 1872 -1873 in the hopes of finding her, but haven't had any luck.  I've also checked the death records for 1880 for the same locations and again, no luck.

I wondered if anyone might have some suggestions about where to look next.  Thanks in advance!

Jesper Skov:
Are you absolutely sure that it says Århus and not Åhus?

Århus is in Jutland, Denmark while Åhus is just 40 km from Östraby in Skåne, Sweden.

Kind regards,

Jesper Skov

Cathe Schwartz:
Yes, I'm sure.  I went back and doublechecked the Household Exam record and it definitely says "Arhus", except that it's spelled "Aarhus."

It's been something of a mystery to me why a 38-year old woman from a poor, rural community in Sweden would leave her husband and 2 children for Denmark.


Hanne Bjørn:
Dear Cathe
Ingrid died in Odder 28 april 1925. She got a daugther in Denmark Karen Marie Kirstine Eriksen born 20 december 1872 in Odder.
I think she got 3 children in Sweden one of them imigrated to U.S.
A freind of me is greatgranddaugther of Karen Marie.
In census 1880 in Odder she is mentioned as Inger Pedersen 45  Gift Tjenestefolk  Sverrig
That we could not understand but some in Sweden found that she was married in Sweden.
I have got privat mail from Cathe and will send her the information I have.
Hanne Bjørn


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