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Titel: Confirmation Booklet
Indlæg af: Art Berggreen efter 22 Dec 2021 - 22:31
My maternal grandmother was apparently confirmed in the Skodborg parish in Haderslev County about 1888.  There don't appear to be any confirmation records for that time from that church, but I do have scans of a small booklet that appears to have been used to commemorate that event in her life.  Each page is a short handwritten note from close family and friends, but beyond my current ability to read and translate.   Does anyone know if this was a common practice around that time?

Several entries start with the heading "Confirmations  Ønske", which I think translates to "Confirmation wish"?
Other entries start with heading "Minde", which seems to translate to something like "Remembrance"?

Titel: Sv: Confirmation Booklet
Indlæg af: Inge Nissen efter 23 Dec 2021 - 06:50
The danish name of these booklets is "poesibog"


Common practice, still when I was confirmed 1961. I have "poesibøger" from my parents - and from my grandmother, who was confirmed 1904.
Titel: Sv: Confirmation Booklet
Indlæg af: Lennarth Nielsen efter 23 Dec 2021 - 13:56
hi Art,

the words ønske and minde are translated correctly by you, but sometimes words translate into something else depending on the context. Inge's suggestion with poesibog sounds correct. My paternal grandmother had several of those poesibøger from the 1940s and she was confirmed in 1941. She also had several greetings from people from RAF - the British Royal Air Force, so they have probably talked with people in Denmark during Second World War.

Have you looked for your grandmother in the digitalised database of Danish church records on ancestry.se? She could've been confirmed in a neighbouring parish. You're welcome to make a link to her birth record and some censuses, if you have that, so that I or someone else here on the forum can try to find her confirmation record.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year:-)

Titel: Sv: Confirmation Booklet
Indlæg af: Ole Westermann efter 23 Dec 2021 - 15:36
Take a look here

Merry Xmas
Titel: Sv: Confirmation Booklet
Indlæg af: Art Berggreen efter 23 Dec 2021 - 19:54
Thanks to everyone for your help!

I would have expected her confirmation to be in the  Sønder Hygum church since the family appeared to be living in that parish until about 1890 when they appear in the Skodborg parish.  I have looked at the records of neighboring parishes and have failed to find her confirmation.  There appears to be a gap in the Skodborg parish records for confirmations 1878 to 1905.

Ingeborg Nielsen baptism (#14): https://www.danishfamilysearch.com/ao/opslag15237882 (https://www.danishfamilysearch.com/ao/opslag15237882)

I've uploaded the confirmation booklet scans to our personal webserver.
Cover: http://www.berggreen.org/misc/Genealogy/Confirmation_book/Page_01.jpg (http://www.berggreen.org/misc/Genealogy/Confirmation_book/Page_01.jpg)
First note (booklet provider?): http://www.berggreen.org/misc/Genealogy/Confirmation_book/Page_02.jpg (http://www.berggreen.org/misc/Genealogy/Confirmation_book/Page_02.jpg)
Her own name and location?: http://www.berggreen.org/misc/Genealogy/Confirmation_book/Page_03.jpg (http://www.berggreen.org/misc/Genealogy/Confirmation_book/Page_03.jpg)
Father's note: http://www.berggreen.org/misc/Genealogy/Confirmation_book/Page_04.jpg (http://www.berggreen.org/misc/Genealogy/Confirmation_book/Page_04.jpg)
Stepmother's note: http://www.berggreen.org/misc/Genealogy/Confirmation_book/Page_05.jpg (http://www.berggreen.org/misc/Genealogy/Confirmation_book/Page_05.jpg)

I'd love if someone would transcribe and translate those last two.

Thanks again,
Titel: Sv: Confirmation Booklet
Indlæg af: Ole Westermann efter 23 Dec 2021 - 21:11
First note is probably from the provider. From this https://ugle.dk/altid_frejdig_naar_du_gaar.html
  Do you understand the meaning?
Her own name and location?: Yes
Father's note:
Frygt mit Barn, den sande Gud,      Fear my child, the true God,
Misbrug ei hans Navn og Bud,         Do not misuse his Name and Commandment
Helligdagen kom ihu,                     Remember the Holiday
Fader, Moder ære du!                     Father, Mother you honour!
Utugt fly og Vold og Mord,              Avoid fornication and violence and murder,
Sværg ei, vær ei falsk i Ord,           Don't swear or be false in words,
Sky Begjærlighed paa Jord!            Avoid greediness on Earth!
  Din Fader Niels Nielsen.                 Your Father Niels Nielsen
Stepmother's note:
Gid Herren vilde bane          Wish The Lord will clear
Den Vei Du træde skal          the way You shall tread
Gid at Du ei forsage             Wish that yoy do not give up
I denne Verdens Dal             In the Valley of this World
Gid Lykken Dig maa følge      Wish the Luck will follow you
hvor Du gaar ud og ind         where you walk out and in
og dæmpe alle Bølger           and calme all Waves
Som bruser i Sind                that rush in your Mind
 fra din Moder                        from your Mother
 Ane Marie Nielsen                 Ane Marie Nielsen

mvh Ole
Titel: Sv: Confirmation Booklet
Indlæg af: Inge Nissen efter 24 Dec 2021 - 06:38
Fathers note is from this hymn by N F S Grundtvig, the great psalmist:

Titel: Sv: Confirmation Booklet
Indlæg af: Art Berggreen efter 24 Dec 2021 - 07:20
Ole, thanks for the translations!

N. F. S. Grundtvig is familiar because many of the emigrants to the USA were followers of his teachings and a great-great-grandfather of mine was the gamekeeper (skytte) at the Rønnebæksholm estate at the time he married Marie Toft, the widowed owner of that estate.

Titel: Sv: Confirmation Booklet
Indlæg af: Lennarth Nielsen efter 26 Dec 2021 - 09:35
hi again Art,

I've looked for Ingeborg on ancestry.se, but didn't find her. I can also see that the confirmation records are missing between 1878 and 1905. All other records are available in that period, so I don't know, if it's a mistake by sa.dk or if the confirmation records really are missing in that period.

Maybe others can answer that question?

Kind regards,

Titel: Sv: Confirmation Booklet
Indlæg af: Ole Westermann efter 26 Dec 2021 - 11:27
The records do not exist.
Titel: Sv: Confirmation Booklet
Indlæg af: Art Berggreen efter 26 Dec 2021 - 17:08
Lennarth and Ole, thanks for looking!  I suspected that those records were lost.  I know a few have been lost to fires and probably other reasons.  Some of the records I've seen scans of looked to be in very poor condition.

Godt Nytår,